About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Providing Quality Products to create and maintain a Healthy Hair Experience


Gillian Garcia the Master Stylist, Visionary, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Educator is the Proud owner of haircare line Ju Poppin. Gillian’s love and passion for healthy hair are evident in all of her work. She has become the go-to person for healthy hair remedies and this was one of the motivating factors that led her to drop her Ju Poppin collection.
At the beginning of the Pandemic, March 1st, 2020 Gillian launched her hair care line which was a little scary but through bumps and hurdles, this black-owned business was able to flourish. The Growth Oil AKA liquid gold has helped so many with different hair loss and hair growth issues. Our next top seller is our Ju Poppin Vitamin E oil which is super moisturizing and heals the hair from the inside out. Our next top seller is our Ju Poppin foaming lotion which can be used on relaxed and natural hair, amazing for finger coils, twists out, molds, finger waves, and roller sets. Let’s not forget about the scalp healing mist which helps heal damaged hair follicles, stops hair shedding, and helps with any scalp issues. Her entire line is amazing whether it’s the shampoo, conditioner, scalp soothing oil, edge control and let’s not forget our men’s grooming oil. Whether Gillian Garcia is behind the chair, editing a video, creating a movie, or sharing information on her various social media platforms the love and passion for hair are very evident.
Ju Poppin where healthy hair is always trending.